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Wedding Makeup Ideas

On her weeding day, a bride is the center of attention. Therefore, everything should be perfect including her makeup. A wedding makeup should be romantic, delicate and feminine, and what's even more important, it should be fatigue proof and tear proof. According to your personality you can choose a natural makeup or a more non-conformist one. Either way, it should first be the sincere reflection of your personality.

When it comes to wedding makeup, a bride-to-be should practice her makeup three months before the wedding. All this period allows you to try different types of makeup, but also get rid of possible pimples or allergies caused by certain beauty products you tested. If you want to do it yourself, take your time and try first.

All products and colors should be chosen according to your skin type and color, as well as the color of your eyes and hair. But the most important think to consider is your personality.

Glowing skin
Your skin in the essential part that you must take care of. It should look transparent, fresh and glowing. There are a few lucky women who have a glowing and healthy skin even without makeup. However, if you don't find yourself in this category, you should know that you can get that natural glowing look through a proper makeup. Start by getting a uniform skin color using concealer and foundation, then apply a bit of liquid illuminator on your cheekbones and just below the eyebrows, areas where light is reflected in a natural way.

Make sure you apply a moisturizing cream before starting doing your makeup. Apply a creamy blush on the cheekbones using a sponge. Avoid a pink blush as it tend to look bad and anesthetic in photos.

Mysterious eyes

The best thing you can do for a perfect eye makeup is to change the way you apply the eyeshadow. Start by applying a nacre cream-colored eyeshadow that will catch the flash of the camera. If you have small eyes, use light eyeshadows.

On the other hand if your eyes are bigger, you can use darker colors on the entire eyelid. Everyone knows the effect mascara has upon one's look. It confers a total and dramatic change by emphasizing the beauty of your eyes. On your wedding day your eyelashes should be long, curved, thick and well-defined.

Use a waterproof and tearproof mascara. Another important and amazing option would be the false eyelashes. Whether you choose a natural makeup or a more dramatic one, false eyelashes should be a total must for all brides-to-be. They complete your look and create the illusion of intense and profound eyes.


Your major concern should be how to keep the lipstick on your lips. Therefore, you should use transfer resistant lip liner and lipstick.

As for the colors, pale pink, nude and even red are the best options. Red lips are perfect if you want to draw all the attention on you. Red lipstick is a classic item and is perfect for women who are looking for a vintage touch. If this is your option, make sure that your skin is perfect, and use a natural makeup for the eyes. Don't choose red if it doesn't represent you and it doesn't suit your personality. A different makeup would only stop you to enjoy the moment.

When choosing your bridal makeup you should know that this is not the most appropriate time to experiment a new look, and in the same time you cannot stick to your common, everyday makeup. Therefore, start preparing your makeup way before the wedding. you can even take some pictures to see which one looks better on you. The only thing that really matters is that you feel gorgeous and self-confident on the most beautiful day of your life.

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