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Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Obtaining those perfect eyebrows is definitely not an easy task but putting in the effort to make them look their best is definitely worth it as the shape of your eyebrows can transform your look instantly. Find out how to get those picture-perfect eyebrows so you can always look breathtaking!

How many times have you looked in the mirror and would have given almost anything to have them looking like you just stepped out of a high-end cosmetics salon? Well, if you're tired about your unruly eyebrows, it's time to do something about it by learning a few tips that will help you obtain those perfect eyebrows.

Although they might seem like a small details, eyebrows are definitely important as far as your look goes. They have the potential of transforming your look instantly, so no wonder celebrities spend hundreds of dollars on taming their eyebrows and making them look absolutely flawless.
If you want your eyebrows to look amazing without spending money at expensive salons, you need to learn a few tips which will come in handy in taming your eyebrows to perfection. To make things easier we have put together some tips to help you reshape and enhance the beauty of your eyebrows.

• Determine which eyebrow shape suits your face shape best as there are different eyebrow shapes to choose from. Take a pencil in your hand and determine where the eyebrows should begin, end as well as arch, depending on your facial features.
Hold the pen straight and lean it against your nostril. Take an eyeliner in the other hand and apply a dot on the eyebrow, just in front (towards the center of the forehead) of the pencil to determine where your eyebrows should begin. Do the same for the other eye and tweeze out any excess hairs.

• Use the pencil to find the end point of your eyebrows by holding it under the nostril pointing oblique, towards the end of the eyebrow. Adjust the pencil so it touches your nostril and outer corner of the eye. Then trace out the point where the pencil meets the eyebrow and that is the point where it should end (on the inside part of the pencil).

• Use the pencil again to find the point where your eyebrow should have the arch. Start from the tip of your nose, look straight and then line the pencil up with the center of the pupil. The place where the eyebrow meets the pencil is the area that should be the area of the natural eyebrow arch. Tweeze any hairs that are out of the line of your eyebrows

• Brush your eyebrows upwards using an eyebrow brush and using a pair of eyebrow scissors trim out the ends of the hairs that are sticking out. This way your eyebrows will be uniform and look fantastic.

• Use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow makeup colored as your eyebrow color to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows or correct them to the desired shape and length. Apply an eyebrow gel to your eyebrows to ensure they stick to the shape you've given them.

• If you're not too skilled on tweezing uniformly, you can turn your attention towards eyebrow stencils which feature different eyebrow shapes. You apply the desired eyebrow shape and trace it out the shape using an eyebrow pencil. Tweeze out the hairs that are not in your contour.

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