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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is approaching with quick steps and you surely want to look stunning in the hot season as well. However, in the heat of summer, makeup can easily melt leaving you with a less aesthetic look. Following your great ideas you can learn some practical tips on how to look glamorous even on the hottest days of summer.

Heat is one of the major enemies of a flawless makeup. Hot weather and humidity can easily wreak havoc on your makeup. Your foundation melts and the eyeliner smears on your eyes. Your face gets even oilier than it was and we probably all agree that nothing looks worse than a smudged makeup. Ugly, melted makeup can completely ruin your appearance and makes you feel frustrated.

For this reason, summer makeup has to be light and has to provide an appropriate protection against the damages caused by the UV rays. A good summer makeup reduces the oily shine of the skin and helps the skin pores to breathe thus prevents the formation of nasty pimples and further acne problems.
Read on and find out how to create a wonderful, lasting makeup and shine as bright as the sun.

  • Less is More
    If you want to prevent your makeup from melting, make sure that you use less product during the hot season. In the summer, you can cut back on using so much foundation, for instance. A thick coat of foundation looks artificial and hideous on the sunshine anyway. If your usual makeup products tend to melt during summertime, you can minimize the use of concealer as well and try to use tinted moisturizers or translucent powder instead. Tinted moisturizers are lightweight products that provide a soft touch of color to your skin and offer protection against sunburns. You can choose form a large variety of colors to find the most appropriate for your skin tone.

  • Use Mineral Based Makeup
    Mineral makeup products can easily be purchased in larger cosmetic stores as many companies have launched a mineral makeup line besides their basic cosmetic line. Mineral makeup is a wonderful choice for summer period, as you can still hide your skin imperfections although you can apply less of product. If you want your makeup to last, opt for mineral makeup that doesn’t clog your pores, making your skin look healthy and natural.

  • Opt for Makeup Primer
    If you would like to achieve an ultimate staying power for your makeup then makeup primer is an absolute must for you. Don’t let high temperatures and humidity destroy your wonderful makeup. Play it safe and choose a foundation primer or other different primers that you would like to use. Applying first a light layer of foundation primer will keep your foundation, blush and powder from wearing off, thus guaranteeing a flawless, radiant look. If you have or watery eyes or oily skin, an eye shadow primer is a great solution in order to maintain a fabulous, seductive look.

  • Go for Natural Looking Lips
    Nude lips are the hottest trends for summer, giving you a fresh, feminine air. Shop for shimmery lip-glosses and play with soft, summer colors.

  • Simple but Beautiful
    Summer is the time when harsh, bold makeup is difficult to prevent from smudging. Highlight your wonderful features showing off your natural beauty. Avoid applying strong makeup on your eyes, use shimmery eye shadows instead.

    A simple and natural eye-makeup will definitely make you look stunning even on the hottest afternoons.

    Give definition to your lashes by applying a coat of black waterproof mascara. Add more sophistication to your look by choosing glossy mascara. Use a thin line of eyeliner and draw it as close to your eyelash base as possible.

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