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Spring/Summer 2011 Natural Makeup

A natural, glowing and healthy-looking skin is every woman's dream. Luckily, there are amazing products on the market that can help us achieve a soft and subtle aspect, enhancing our natural beauty. And for spring/summer 2011 natural makeup is one of the hottest trends when it comes to makeup. Still, try to avoid the washed out effect!

Natural makeup is not the easiest thing to obtain as it requires some skills in order to be able to camouflage certain flaws and bring out your natural beauty using just a few basic makeup products. Still, remember that first of all you should know your own face and its structure. Based on this and on what features you want to accentuate, you'll choose the appropriate shades and textures. Keep in mind that nude is all about illuminating the face, giving a fresh, radiant, sun-kissed look that is synonym with naturalness and health.

For spring/summer 2011, a bare, natural look is among the hottest makeup trends, being spotted on numerous runways. Flawless skin, sexy cheekbones, beautiful eyes and oh so natural lips were the main ingredients used. However, it's not always easy to balance natural and the almost completely bare aspect. In fact, nude doesn't mean no makeup at all, but the correct use of makeup products, colors and textures so that the result to be as impeccable as possible. And skin plays a major role for getting the perfect result, therefore it has to look glowing and healthy, having the appearance most of us would love to have naturally.
Before anything, taking care of your skin is vital, as well as finding the products that work well for you. So, the entire skin care routine should be followed, especially cleansing and moisturizing.

Stella McCartney


Max Azria

Rag & Bone

Natural makeup means, first of all, a flawless skin. Well, since there will always be certain imperfections and skin irritations that might cause us some trouble, it is important to invest in a good foundation and concealer. Don't forget to consider your skin complexion when purchasing a foundation so that it matches the tones perfectly. A fluid foundation might be a great option since its texture allows it to better enter into the skin. Still, if you have an oily skin, a powdered base or an oil-free foundation would do the trick. For those who don't have to deal with different skin issues, foundation is optional. Use instead a concealer and a light powder for a natural-looking finish. A good concealer will help even out the skin tone and remove unwanted discolorations or redness. If you want a concealer that doesn't fade quickly, try one with a slightly dry texture.

Your cheekbones represent one part that should be emphasized as they have the power to add a healthy, radiant touch to your look. For his, there are numerous types of blush for every needs and taste. You can apply it just on your cheeks for a rather cute, romantic approach, or on the cheeks and temples for a more glamorous aspect.

Custo Barcelona



House of Holland

When it comes to your eye makeup, natural means barely bringing out your eyes by a soft coat of mascara and sometimes by a light beige or brown eyeshadow. A soft, brownish or a pale flesh-toned eyeshadow that is just slightly darker than your skin tone will help you accentuate your eyes and still maintain that natural look. If you find this too washed out and want to add some drama, you can apply a fine line of eyeliner, pencil or liquid, such as spotted at Christopher Kane, Hermes, Dsquared2, or Dolce & Gabbana. As for the lips, try to leave them nude or choose shades that are at least as dark as your skin color, or slightly darker.

Christopher Kane



Dolce & Gabbana

Photos via Style.com, Elle.com

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