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Smokey Eye Make-up

Smokey eye make-up is one of the most appreciated make-up styles discovered until today. This make-up stile is not only easy to create it is also one of the most sexy make-up styles available. Find out how you can benefit from this gorgeous make-up style.

There has always been an attraction related to smokey eye make-up simply due to the incredibly sexy and mysterious look they help create. There is a certain technique which helps create this amazing type of make-up to give it the faded, smokey look.

What is Smokey Eye Make-up?

Smokey make-up is a very interesting and appreciated make-up style that uses dark and light colored eyeshadow to create a lovely make-up that suits everyone. To create this type of make-up two colors of eyeshadow are generally needed, a dark color and a highlighter. The combination of dark and light create a powerful attraction towards the eyes making them look absolutely fabulous.

Basic Application Technique

To create this fantastic looking eye make-up start with your favorite darker colored eyeshadow in the shade you desire and use a highlighter to give the smokey effect. The most common colors used are black and grays, but also deep purples, greens and gold are used, as there seems to be no limitation. The application technique is meant to create an eye popping effect, effect which emphasizes and attracts attention towards the eyes.

Step 1
Apply a make-up base on your entire eyelid to allow a better application of the make-up. The make-up base will help the eyeshadow spread and set better, making the coloration more intense. This is a step most people tend to skip, but it is a step which will make a difference.

Step 2
Eyeliner applied close to the lash line will contribute to the eye popping effect and emphasize the smokey eye effect. There are a variety of eyeliner shades available to suit every desire. The most common eyeliner shades used by women are black, brown and gray, because they help create a very well defined contour. Apply the eyeliner according to your eye shape and on your waterline if you want to obtain an even more intense look.

smokey eyesSmokey eyes

Step 3
Apply the lighter eyeshadow on your entire eyelid just like a base. Start close to the lash line from your inner corner working your way upwards towards your brow bone. Try to apply less eyeshadow as you work your way upwards to give it a faded effect. Use make-up brushes to apply the eyeshadow as they will help create a more precise contour.

Step 4
Apply the darker colored eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye and smudge the color close to the lash line. Make sure to blend the dark colored eyeshadow towards one third of inner corner of the eye. By blending the colors well you will create a faded transition and a smokey eye effect.

Step 5
Use a lash curler to curl your lashes and apply a heavy coat of mascara. The mascara will help complete the smokey eye look making it appear incredibly gorgeous.

When to Wear Smokey Eyes

This type of make-up seems to be appropriate for all types of occasions, because of the lovely look created. All one needs to keep in mind is to use flattering colors for their complexion. Use intense dark colors for evenings and less intense dark colors for day wear. For cocktails, birthday parties, prom, other special occasions or just because one feels like, smokey eye make-up can be an appropriate eye make-up for every occasion.

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