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Romantic Makeup Ideas

Natural, fresh and feminine are the words that best describe a romantic, bohemian look. Romantic makeup represents soft shades, sheer textures and a natural, healthy look. It's all about radiance and flawless-looking skin. Forget about all those heavy and dark colors and opt for more fluid ones, perfect for a spring or hot summer day.

The best makeup for a hot day of summer is a natural one, which is often associated with a romantic, bohemian look. Taking care of your skin is essential when talking about romantic makeup. You must be careful and choose products that have fine particles. Your special romantic beauty kit should have in it nourishing cream, translucent powder, pink blush, eyeshadow in natural shades, brown eyeliner, colored mascara, light pink lips stick and lip balm.

  • Skin

  • For a romantic makeup you need, first of all, to use a base consisting of a skin illuminator and apply it to the temples, brow bone and down the center of the nose. If you are looking for a natural, nude complexion it is not advisable to overload the skin. For a lighter sensation you should use products that come in powder texture. So, you can forget face covered in makeup. A translucent powder is perfect for a romantic flawless-looking skin.

    For a porcelain flawless baby-doll complexion try a powder mixing apricot, pink, yellow and white. For a luminous final touch, white, slightly opalescent can be applied to the apples of the cheeks and on the forehead. As for the powder search a compact one with shades of beige. To create that innocent romantic looking-skin, pink blush is without any doubt the best option. Apply it on the apples of the cheeks. You can also choose a duo blush with iridescent coral and satiny brown.

  • Eyes

  • If you want to cover dark circles around the eyes, use just a bit of concealer around the eyes in order to avoid that it settles into the fine lines and make you look all wrinkled. For a doll look you need really curved eyelashes. Avoid using eyeliner and bring out your eyes with a colored mascara. If you still want to use eyeliner, try a dark brown or charcoal liner along top and bottom lashes.

    Light blue, pale pink or light violet are just some of the many shades you can opt for your eyelids. Choose an eyeshadow in natural, fresh and delicate colors that gives a spring touch to your look.

  • Lips

  • Whenever trying to get a romantic look, youthful an natural are the key words. You want to be amazing, hide flaws and still looking as if you aren't wearing any makeup. For your lips, you need to reveal their natural pigmentation. You can use a light pink lipstick or a lip balm that is easy to apply even without a mirror. But still, beige remains the best option when talking about nude shades.

  • Romantic hairstyle

  • For a romantic makeup what can suit best than a romantic hairstyle. You can choose braids, as these are the most beautiful and timeless romantic hairstyle. Soft braids are not only easy to achieve, but they give you that innocent look by enhancing natural beauty. For this spring/summer 2010 try the side braids, one of the hottest and simplest hairstyle trends, and match it with a romantic, bohemian outfit. Curls and waves are also a great alternative if you want to get a romantic look. Nothing is more romantic than soft sexy curls hanging loosely over the shoulders. You can also try the tousled beach hair for a natural appearance.
    For a chic, yet natural and romantic look, try the messy chignon.

    Natural Makeup in 5 Minutes

  • Apply the foundation using your fingers, then apply the concealer. Use a concealer with yellow undertones as it covers imperfections without adding color.
  • For bigger eyes use the eyelash curler. Apply one coat of mascara, a brown eyeliner and an eyeshadow in natural colors.
  • Apply a transparent or a pale pink lip gloss. A lip balm would also work.

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