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Pastel Eye Makeup Trend for Spring 2011

Patel colored makeup has always managed to add more warmth to your facial features so check out the new pastel eye makeup trend for 2011 so you can inspire yourself for a new fabulous and trendy look.

Each season makeup artists come up with new methods of improving your looks using the help of makeup. Thankfully to the evolution of the cosmetic industry women have access to a variety of new and/or improved makeup products which are meant to bring out the best of a persons facial features. One of the hottest new trends in makeup is the pastel eye makeup trend for spring/summer 2011; this makeup style matching perfectly with the season and with the outfits proposed for the new season.

The saying “makeup is a girls best friend” is true as long as the makeup used is of good quality and it is applied to suit the occasion as well as the facial features and age of the person wearing the makeup. People are not born with the same facial features, skin tones and personalities so not all makeup styles suit everyone. This is one of the main reasons why a variety of makeup styles have been developed, so if you are looking for a makeup style, take the pastel eye makeup trend for the spring summer 2011 season into consideration.

The eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul and and by bringing the eyes out through the use of makeup we attract attention towards one of the most beautiful parts of the face. People have different eye colors and thus don't benefit from the same eyeshadow colors but the pastel colored makeup can be a perfect choice for most women. The new pastel colors can be applied lightly or heavily depending on occasion and personal preference just so you can benefit from diversity.
For casual occasions and day makeup it is recommended you go for light makeup and the pastel colors used to boost the warmth of your facial features are applied lightly, for a subtle effect.
When it comes to night makeup you can go bolder and opt for vividly colored pastels which will instantly draw attention towards your eyes.

The colors used this spring summer 2011 season are pink, blue, orange, green, red, lavender, etc and all the shades look adorable. Last season pastel makeup used combination of pastel colored eyeshadows but this year the way to go is monochrome. You can combine two hues but only to create a shadow effect.
The bolder the makeup the darker the mascara should be so you can have eyelash definition and a perfectly balanced look. Runway makeup is a perfect source of inspiration for your new makeup looks as well as celebrity makeup.

To complete your makeup look go for natural colored blush to define your cheekbones and go for a bold colored lipstick or a bare lips look depending on personal preference and eye makeup style chosen. Experiment, practice and become an expert in doing your own makeup.

photos via style.com

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