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Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Natural eye makeup remover recipes offer the chance to those who devote special importance to their complexion, to create a natural lotion using organic ingredients. The revolutionary inventions of cosmetics can often harm our skin and especially the sensitive area around the skin. Therefore learn how to prepare a natural eye makeup remover with some easy and simple recipes. The only condition to succeed is to follow the basic instructions described in the following ideas.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover Benefits

Modern cosmetic industry aims to promote the use of various chemical-based ingredients that have a radical and more efficient result. However it seems that healthy natural remedies just can't be pushed from the top of most wanted skin and hair care products. It is a fact that natural ingredients might require more time to exercise their effect. Still the chances to avoid any allergy or other unfortunate skin problems is way higher than in the case of other complex compositions.

People who long for revolutionizing their beauty care might be interested in the main ingredients that can be used as makeup removers. From the products of great companies that can be purchased in specialized green stores to the ones you prepare in your own kitchen all will have a visibly more beneficial effect on your complexion. Remove the traces of your makeup with a few common elements you already have in your household. Follow the basic guidelines for the guaranteed success.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover Recipes

Learn more about the time-tested natural remedies to get rid of your mascara or eyeshadow that can be applied both to the sensitive area around the eyes as well as the whole face. Protect your skin from the eventual damages by appealing to the power of organic ingredients that rule out the chance for any deterioration both in the quality and appearance of your complexion. These are some of the most popular natural eye makeup removers.

  • Olive Oil: This is one of the precious potions of nature used both in skin, hair and also nail care. However the endless benefits don't end here, since olive oil can be also used to strip off the skin from makeup. In this case all you have to do is pour a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and keep it on your eyes for a few seconds.

    Remove the eyeshadow or the mascara with the help of this vegetable oil. Moreover this ingredient is also a remedy to remove waterproof makeup which might give you many headaches. Besides the remover effect it also has a nourishing quality for your lashes.

  • Milk and Yogurt: Dairy products are also used with great confidence by cosmetic producers. From the various body lotions to facial creams all are enriched with milk as an ingredient rich in various vitamins and supplements. When struggling with a complex and thick makeup just apply a few teaspoons of milk or yogurt on a cotton ball and rub your eyes gently with it. If you wear foundation and concealer you can also use it for your whole face. Finally rinse it off with lukewarm water, you'll feel the immediate soothing effect.

  • Curd: One of the other oh-so-fab natural ingredients is curd which can also cleanse your face from harmful agents. Skipping the removal of makeup might cause severe damages to your skin, therefore don't forget to include the following easy ritual into your daily beauty care.

    Apply some on a cotton ball or fine cloth and wipe off the eyeshadow or mascara by keeping the curd for at least 2-4 minutes on your eyes. When the time is up, wash your eyes with warm water. This element will not only eliminate cosmetic products but will also spare you from the accumulated dead cells on the surface of the skin.

  • Almond Oil: Use only organic almond oil to offer a protective shield to your complexion. In order to remove all the remaining traces of your stubborn eye makeup apply a few drops to a cotton ball. Then wipe off the remaining makeup with it, keep it on your lashes if you appealed to the magic of waterproof mascara.

    Be gentle and proceed gradually to make sure you covered all the critical areas. Use this ritual also on your face if you applied a thick layer of foundation. As a final step rinse the treatment off with lukewarm water that will leave your eyes clean and shiny, and last but not least conditioned and hydrated. Keep a little bottle of almond oil in your bathroom to have the safe and natural solution at hand.

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