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Makeup Trends Boys Love

Men are eager to see us in top shape, therefore these makeup trends boys love will help us find the best looks worth of copycatting for a spotless appearance. Special events along with casual meeting scream for a flattering makeup style, therefore make sure you skim through this selection of beauty trends to see how boys appreciate the fact if you emphasize your best assets.

It's hard to believe that you're not fascinated by the multitude of makeup collections that provide us with the must have shades and textures for the next season. If you just can't get enough of the beauty trends that allow you to experiment with the different visual effects make sure you take a closer look at the runway-inspired designs you can also nail down like a real pro. One of the main factors to consider when it comes of making a successful impression on people is to find out more on their preferences. In the majority of cases ladies are keen to impress their partner or male friends.

Therefore check out this brief insight into the makeup trends boys love. Use your creativity and also application skills to copycat the looks below. Juggle with the shadows and shades to make sure you highlight your best features and create a dazzling look. Regardless of the event you're preparing for these makeup trends will serve as universally-flattering beauty options.

by Petra Levitt

by Alicia Marie Artistry

Smokey Eye Makeup

  • The rocker-chic or more classy smokey eyes trend is perfect to enhance your glimpse with a subtle elegance. Turn your eyes into real accessories by tinting your lids with a dark shades. There's no need to stick to black as you can also use brown, blue and even green to create a colorful smokey eye look as stylish and the textbook style one. Apply the darker shades according to the shape of your eyes as well as the impression you wish to create. Guys love this dramatic effect when it is preserved neat and flawless. Therefore keep away of the raccoon eyes style makeup and instead check out these extremely wearable designs for inspiration. Complete the look with mascara as the best means to emphasize your lashes.

  • by Mina Ka

    by Crazy Photos

    Cat Eyes Makeup

  • No wonder the fabulous cat eye makeup is one of the favorite designs of guys as it has the power to add a feline and more attractive look to our glimpse. Turn yourself into a real seductress and make sure you bring out your eye color by pairing the right eyeliner shade with the eye shadow. However some might limit themselves to the use of eyeliners you can also complement your makeup with additional colors. These examples are perfect to help you practice your application skills and learn how to define your eye shape like a real pro. Team up your cat eyes with a smokey eye makeup for a dramatic effect. On the other hand you can also keep things more simple and leave the lids bare.

  • by Vanessa Baeten

    by Love Your Face

    Rosy Cheeks Makeup

  • A healthy looking makeup is the secret weapon to sweep guys off their feet. Check out how the rosy cheeks create a more girly and youthful allure to the face. Use this beauty trend if you're eager to keep your makeup natural and age-appropriate. Apply the rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks and make sure you choose the most flattering shades. Keep the rest of your makeup classy and less prominent in order to avoid looking overstyled. These stylish examples will show you the perfect spot where the blush should be applied. Turn yourself into a real fairy by adopting this barely there makeup style.

  • by Petra Levitt

    by Angela Welton

    Red Lips

  • The perfect pouch can also do miracles with your look especially if you decide to sport the trend that is included among the favorite beauty trends according to the majortiy of men. Red lips radiate a more sensuous and seductive look, therefore these shades can be used as the perfect accessory for a romantic date or other special events. Drop a glimpse at these fabulous examples to see the universally flattering quality of red lip makeup. In this case it is visible how the various tones of red suit the different skin tones. Therefore analyze your complexion and make the best option to guarantee the success of your makeup.

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