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Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

Fair skin has always been considered an attractive physical attribute due to the fact that it was associated with wonderful personality characteristics such as nobleness and innocence. But when it comes to makeup, fair skin can prove to be very tricky to deal with and many makeup options might be restricted for those who have a slightly pale skin. However there's no need to feel discouraged: armed with the right knowledge you will be able to create fascinating makeup styles for any occasion.

Fair skin has special characteristics that differentiate it from all the other types of skin. Porcelain skin is more delicate than other types of skin being more prone to developing sunburns and being predisposed to premature aging. None of the less, fair skin has become one of the most appreciated skin tones being a timeless trend and a serious competitor for the subtly bronzed skin that was always highly popular. The beauty of a fair skin can be easily enhanced with the right makeup.
In order to choose the most appropriate makeup styles you should always try to keep in mind a few basic principles. Here are a few guidelines:

When choosing foundation it's a good idea to buy one with SPF for an optimal protection against the sun as this type of skin is more prone to developing wrinkles from an early age. You should always test the foundation directly on the face to get an accurate idea of the shade that works best for your skin tone.

The first step when applying makeup on pale skin is to take care of any imperfection. Use a combination of foundation stick and loose powder or a yellow based concealer to cover any blemishes or other imperfections that might ruin the final result. If you decide to use a concealer, make sure that it is one or two shades lighter than the foundation.

To emphasize the cheeks it is best to use light colors such as light pink or peach tints. If you decide to use bronzer for a sun kissed effect, make sure to choose a very light shade that will look natural. Also, applying a shimmery powder is a good idea if you want to illuminate your complexion.

For the eye makeup it's important to choose subtle tones that will compliment your skin tone. Subtle colors such as coral tones are suitable for a day makeup while cooler tones such as chocolate brown, light gray, lavender or olive tones. You should always choose the eyeshadow color depending on the color of your eyes. When it comes to mascara you can choose two different colors depending the effect you want to get: for a subtle daytime makeup, perfect for work a brown mascara is probably the best choice. If you really want to bring out the eyes, opt for black mascara for a more dramatic effect.

Your lips are the final element that you need to take care of in order to perk up our appearance. Glossy lips will always be extremely flattering, but if you prefer using lipstick, you should choose soft delicate tints such as light pink, soft pastel tones or burgundy.

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