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Makeup Tips for Dark Complexions

Dark complexions tend to be the ultimate expression of exotic beauty. Learning to emphasize your best physical assets trough makeup is essential in order truly take advantage of the amazing qualities of dark skin tones. Discover what are the most flattering choices for dark skin tones with a few simple guidelines.

Those who are blessed with a dark complexion have a couple of major advantages compared to those who have a fair complexion. An essential advantage of those who have a darker skin tone is that they are more resilient to sun exposure as well as being less prone to developing blemishes. Women with darker complexions have a far easier job when it comes to maintaining their complexions compared to women with a fair complexion due to the fact that the skin pigment tends to be more evenly distributed and dark under eye circles are far less contrasting being easier to camouflage.

Despite all these amazing advantages, many women with darker complexions often have trouble choosing the perfect type of make-up to highlight their mesmerizing features. To solve this problem a series of basic principles should be followed to ensure that the makeup choices that are made are the best possible ones. Consider applying some of the following tips to be able to create impressive and flattering makeup styles:

Choosing the right type of foundation is essential for the success of any makeup style. When choosing foundation the basic characteristics of this skin tone should be kept in mind. Because those that have a darker skin generally tend to have an oily skin it is generally recommended to choose a an oily-free or a water based foundation. For this skin type liquid and cream foundations are the most suitable choices as they will be able to control shine effectively.

When it comes to choosing the right shade the best approach is to avoid hues that are lighter than our skin tone. Choosing a hue that is one tone darker than your skin tone is a smart approach to control the shine. Yellow based foundations on the other hand are not recommended being unflattering in the majority of cases.

When it come to choosing blushers it's essential to determine the best colors that suit your skin tone. Generally dark rose, coral shades as well as golden tones or deep orange are considered the most flattering choices for dark complexion. On the other hand, peach tones or dark brown shades are among the main colors that should be avoided.

Eye shadow and eyeliner
Golden hues are an excellent choice for eyeshadow colors as well. For an impressive result try applying two shades of color for a more elaborate look. Make sure that you choose the eyeshadow colors depending on the color of your eyes.

Women with dark skin tones have the advantage of looking absolutely amazing with metallic colors so the possibilities for creating modern evening makeup are very varied. When it comes to eyeliners it's important to mention that eyeliners should not be used on the lower lid as it will create an overall artificial look. If you want to brighten the eye make-up a good idea would be to use a gray eyeliner.

The shade of lipstick you choose greatly depends on the occasion as well as the type of makeup you have chosen. However, if you are wondering which are the most flattering choices for dark skin then you should know that you can opt for a large palette of colors ranging from soft pink, burgundy, berry shades to caramel, chocolate or maroons. Bright reds on the other hand would most likely contribute to an artificial look and should be avoided. Matte finish lipsticks work best for this skin type.

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