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How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes

A simple look can express so many things. Sometimes words prove themselves useless. Therefore, our eyes can transmit different messages from sadness to happiness and desire. And eyelashes are the perfect accessory in the message delivery, revealing a part of our personality. Even if women see eyelashes as a simple seduction weapon, their main role is to protect our eyes against all external particles that might harm our eyes. So, we must nourish and clean them. As important as your hair or your skin, eyelashes need special care every day.

Everybody loves beautiful, long eyelashes, as they will always be a hot trend among all women. It is true that thick and long eyelashes can totally change your look. This is why it is very important to take care of them every day. If you are not into the false eyelashes, you should know a few tips and tricks in order to get natural and seductive eyelashes.
The secrets stands in the way you choose to take care of them, but also in the way you apply mascara.


  • Pay a lot of attention when choosing an eye cleanser, and go for an efficient one that is not too aggressive with your eyes and eyelashes. Moreover, be careful when purchasing a product for removing waterproof makeup. Make sure the cleanser is gentle so you don't lose eyelashes.

  • The best thing you can do is to remove your makeup every evening using a normal cleanser or vegetable oil. The chemicals contained by all beauty products you use can really harm your eyelashes. So, when removing your makeup, make sure you don't rub your eyelids, and go instead for gentle moves.

  • Another bad habit that is really aggressive to your eyelashes is sleeping with mascara on. When wearing mascara, the eyelashes are dry and tend to break easily, especially while sleeping. Moreover, if you are using the eyelash curler too often you might remain without eyelashes.

  • Nourish
  • Like your hair, eyelashes need a conditioner in order to nourish and moisturize them. If you cannot find a product specially created for them, you can use olive oil or castor oil. Apply the oil using ear sticks or a napkin or a mascara brush perfectly clean. Apply it every night, after removing makeup. The purpose of this treatment is to nourish the roots of your eyelashes. Also, this can lengthen the eyelashes by preventing their breakage, and make them look thicker and longer. Make sure not to apply too much oil so it doesn't go into your eyes.
  • Mascara. When buying a mascara, you may ask for the shop assistant's advice.

  • Clean once in a while the brush using a napkin or cleansing lotion and remove the excess of dry substance.

  • Sometimes, after applying makeup you realize that you put too much mascara, and you need to remove it. In this case, remove it before it dries out, otherwise you risk to break your eyelashes.

  • Don't use a mascara more then three months. Make sure you replace the mascara periodically in order to keep your eyes and eyelashes healthy, and prevent infections, especially if you suffer of conjunctivitis.

  • A waterproof mascara can be a real lifesaver during the hot summer days, when you go at the beach, but it tends to dry the eyelashes. Moreover, this type of mascara is harder to remove, so you'll probably have to rub harshly, and therefore damage your eyelashes.
  • For a dramatic and expressive look, use an eyelash curler. When using the eyelash curler, don't pull the eyelid, and use it before applying mascara.

  • If you want to make the mascara last longer, apply a fine layer of powder on your eyelashes before applying the mascara.

  • You should know that eyelashes have their own growth cycle, and have a life of almost three months. After they fall, it takes about two months for them to grow back. We are born with a certain number of roots that we keep for the rest of our lives.

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