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How to Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

In today's fast paced world beauty-conscious women seem to find less and less time for their normal beauty routine, especially in the morning. Making time for our normal makeup routine might be difficult but that doesn't mean that we should give up our desire to look fabulous. Instead it's best to learn to speed up our beauty routine to get the same results in significantly less time.

Time is a scarce resource for all of us especially in the morning when our mind tends to be occupied with a million of other things that seem a lot more important than our normal beauty rituals.
It might be easy to neglect our beauty routine in favor of other important things however the price to be paid would be too high. Because our social image depends on the attention we place on our beauty rituals it's never a good idea to minimize the importance of of looking our best.

Instead, a better approach is to find a few shortcuts in our beauty routine and to make sure that we take advantage of all the time saving tricks we can use. Certain small gestures can make a world of difference by minimizing our efforts and helping us get out of the house faster while still looking our best. Here are a few ideas you can use to make sure that you look fabulous in considerably less time:

  • A basic yet very effective way to speed up your morning routine is to have certain things prepared in advance. A good example would be to pick your outfit the night before or to wash and dry your hair in the evening to have an easier time when it comes to styling in the morning.

    All the things that can be prepared the night before, even if if they are not beauty related can significantly improve your morning experience and help you minimize stress.

  • Try gathering all the beauty products you normally use in the morning in an easy accessible place. From your makeup products to the hair styling tools you normally use everything should be ready to grab in a few seconds if you want to speed things up significantly. In addition thinking of a logical way to organize your actions in the morning will also help you optimize your rituals.

  • Eliminate the non essentials. For example, instead of the going to the normal cleanse-tone-moisturize routine try skipping the facial toner and apply a moisturizer with SPF to avoid the need to apply sunscreen.

    Similarly, using your blusher as a shadow as well will help you gain extra time with similar results. You can even use the blush as an eyeshadow if the the tint matches your eye color. Also avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes. It can often smudge negatively influencing the end result.

  • Opt for time saving product formulas. You might love the way foundation powder feels on your skin but if you are in a hurry you would be better off choosing a cream foundation. Similarly, a concealer pen might be a better choice than a liquid concealer as it will be a lot easier to handle.

    As a general rule cream formulas are the best time-saving products due to the fact that they are quick to use and don't need as much blending compared to powder formulas. Also opting for long lasting formulas will ensure that you don't have to spend extra time reapplying them to prevent certain beauty disasters.

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