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How to Create a Natural Makeup

A soft and natural look is simply irresistible. Natural makeup is simple, fresh and always chic regardless of actual makeup trends. Read on to find out how to create a natural makeup in order to enhance your beauty and create a radiant, stunning look.

Natural makeup is one of the hottest trends in 2010. It is sophisticated and elegant, simple but magical, a makeup that is suitable for every formal and informal occasion as well as for every skin complexion and age group. Summer is one the best times to try out a natural look. Hot season is the biggest enemy of makeup as it melts your foundation and smudges your eye shadows. Get inspired by the latest runway trends and opt instead for a natural makeup in order to shine as bright as the sun.

A subtle makeup will transform you into a wonderful diva who wears her beauty with pride and elegance. Natural makeup boosts your confidence and gives you a fresh and innocent air. Every woman can benefit from a simple but feminine makeup that creates the impression that you wear no makeup at all.
Put aside the artificial look of a bold makeup and try out a simple but fabulous makeup style that will surely attract some envious glances. Check out the following tips and learn how to create a refined, still simple and natural makeup and a flawless, attractive look!

  • One of the most important things to create a natural look is to find makeup products that are perfectly matching your natural skin tone.
    Shop for a sheer foundation color that is as close to your complexion as possible. The proper foundation tone will almost disappear on your skin, leaving a natural flawless skin finish.
    Apply the product on a perfectly cleaned and moisturized face, making sure that you have distributed the foundation evenly. Work it well into your skin, blending it down to your neck, so that no lines are left behind.
    When you are finished with the foundation, continue with applying a concealer that matches your skin color, on the area around your eyes and on the blemishes to cover all the red spots on your face and create perfect canvas for your natural makeup.

  • Define your eyes with a soft, earth-toned matte eye shadow such as beige, copper, soft gold, brown or delicate pink. These nuances are very popular this year since they help you achieve a wonderful, simple and natural look and work really well with all types of skin complexion.
    As a next step, apply white eyeliner to the inner rim of your lower eyelids to make your eyes appear bigger and give them a brighter, cleaner look. Finish your look with a wonderful volumizing black mascara.

  • Add a touch of color to your cheeks by applying a great natural blush. For a soft, feminine look, take a pale pink or a peach blush that flatters your face and blend it well on your cheekbones. Rosy cheeks will give a youthful, delicate shine to your features.

  • For a perfect natural finish, complete your fabulous makeup with a neutral lipstick or lip-gloss. Add a little color to your lips but keep them simple and don’t make them too shiny. Now you are ready to show off your natural beauty and feel fresh and confident in your own skin each and every day.

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