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How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick

When talking about makeup, picking out the colors is the key element that makes the difference between a successful makeup and an excellent one. And, as your lipsticks are always the center of attention, the color of the lipstick is very important. Here are few tips and tricks that could help you choose the perfect lipstick colors for you.

The easiest rule, whenever choosing a lipstick, is to opt for colors with maximum two shades darker than the natural color of your lips. The correct way to test it is to apply lipstick only on one lip. You found the perfect color if the lipstick is only one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.
If you are buying the lipstick or lip gloss and you can not test it, you can rely on the colors on the box. Put the box near your lips and compare the colors. The best thing would be to watch yourself in natural light, near a window.
You should also take into consideration in what situations you want to wear the lipstick. And don't forget the size of your lips. Dark colors can make lips look smaller, while light colors tend to make lips appear fuller.

There is another rule when choosing a lipstick and that is taking into account your skin tone, as well as the color of your eyes and hair.

  • Fair complexion. If you have a fair complexion you can opt for different variants such as pink, coral or peachy. Choose light brown or beige with pink undertone, or light shiny pinks with blue undertones.You should avoid maroons as they give you an even more fair complexion and offer you a grey look.

  • Medium skin. If you have a medium color, you can choose shades that are a bit darker. The perfect choices are pink lipsticks and shades that have violet and plum undertones. So, go for warm reds, medium browns with pink undertones, and pinks with brown undertones. Avoid bright red, choosing instead a ruby-colored lipstick.

  • Darker complexion. Plum shades, chocolate and red are perfect for olive skin. For a day, casual makeup choose shades of maroon (caramel, chocolate), and for an evening makeup opt for lipsticks with shades of mauve or violet.

  • Gwen Stefani with red lips

    Kim Kardashian with red lip makeup

    How to choose the right red lipstick

    Many women believe that they can not wear red lipstick. The secret stands in choosing the right undertones. If you have a fair complexion with reddish tones, opt for a cherry tone lipstick. You can also consider red with a pink undertone or a plum tone. If you have a darker complexion, bright red shades and red with berry to a cranberry undertone are the perfect option. A medium complexion is compatible with shades having mauve undertones and avoid red with orange tones. If you have a medium skin tone wear berry and brown tones.

    Tips for flawless lips

  • If you think that powerful colors aren’t for you, apply a transparent lip balm, then tap with a bit of lipstick here and there and make uniform the color using your finger.
  • Exfoliate your lips, once a week, in order to obtain a luminous color.
  • Always apply the lip liner before the lipstick.
  • Lip liner should never be visible.
  • The lipstick and the lip gloss should always match the skin and the hair, and not the outfit.
  • For a natural look, apply a lip gloss in the same shade with your lips.
  • You can create your own lipstick color by mixing shades.
  • If you apply a base before applying the lipstick good base for it if you want it to last. A tiny bit of foundation smoothed over the lips followed by powder to set it reaps benefits in the longevity department.
  • [item]If you have fuller lips you should go for matte lipsticks.

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