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How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Colors

The eyes have always been considered one of the most interesting, expressive and fascinating physical asset a woman can poses. Therefore it's only natural that women have devoted special attention to creating the perfect eye makeup by using the most vibrant colors and the most advanced makeup techniques. Eye shadow has a defining role in creating a flawless makeup and learning to choose the most mesmerizing color hues is an essential step to ensure success.

Fashion trends offer many ideas when it comes to makeup styles as well as fascinating color hues. It can be tempting to select the trendiest eye shadow colors and apply them without giving them a second thought but as we all know we should always adapt fashion trends to our own appearance and personality by choosing the things that suit us best.

When selecting eyeshadow there are two things you need to keep in mind: the colors must compliment your eye color as well as your skin tone. Finding a universal color that is appropriate for every eye color is nearly impossible but there are various hues that are suitable for each eye color. Here is a quick guideline to give you an idea about what are the most flattering choices in term of color for your eyes:

Blue eyes

Emphasizing blue eyes is fairly easy especially because a large palette of colors can be used to create a memorable breath-taking look. However to bring out the best of your eyes you should select some hues work best:

  • Orange tones: soft peach and coral tones, bronze and copper shades
  • Brown: warm shades of brown, caramel and rust hues and chocolate brown
  • Pink: soft pink and rose color are a perfect choice for a delicate daytime makeup
  • Purple and rich tones of violet, medium or deep shades of blue bring out the best in your eyes and represent wonderful alternatives for sophisticated evening
  • Gray and black shades create an impressive contrast and can be used with complete confidence to create smokey eyes makeup

  • Green eyes

    Those who were given the amazing privilege to have awe inspiring green eyes are indeed very lucky.
    To determine what colors would compliment your eyes the colors should be adapted according to skin tone. Women with a fair complexion should avoid shimmery and deep color hues while women with a darker skin tone should avoid blue eye shadows.

  • For warm toned green eyes best colors are generally chocolate brown, luxurious golden shades, beige, taupe, khaki shades with golden undertones or apricot tones.
  • If your eyes have a more intense green color you can afford to make your eyes more intense by using darker eye shadow colors. The most suitable colors are generally lavender, plum or deep purple, ash and rosy brown

  • Hazel and brown eyes

    Those who have brown or hazel eyes have the most options when it comes to choosing the perfect eye shadow colors.

  • Brown and hazel eyes are generally best emphasized by using various shades of purple. Lilac, lavender violet and even the darkest shades of purple will definitely be flattering.
  • Shades of yellow ranging from golden tones to sand or sunflower tints,tangerine shades and even light shades of khaki, deep browns or rosy pink are viable alternatives that can be used to create fascinating makeup styles.
  • Blue shades however can be very tricky and it is advisable to avoid using them.

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