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How to Choose Foundation

Choose the right foundation is essential in order to achieve a flawless skin. Read our tips and learn how to choose foundation that is perfect for your skin type. Whether your skin is porcelain white or chocolate brown, the right makeup foundation can do wonders to your face.

Makeup is the secret weapon of every woman. Some small touches of makeup can really make a difference. Learning how to choose the right color of foundation is key to having a perfect look and to looking your best every day. If you apply he right color, that is matching your skin tone, the effect is flawless and natural. However we could see it many times, that the wrong foundation color can damage a woman’s appearance.

How to choose the right foundation

Different skin complexions need different types of foundation. Before buying a certain cosmetic product, first of all you have to take into consideration your skin type as each particular skin has its own characteristics and needs. Is your skin normal, dry, oily or a combination between oily and dry? If you have dry skin, select a creamier foundation with moisturizer. If you have an oily skin, opt for an oil-free, matte formula. However, if you have a combination skin, stick with a moisturizing, still matte foundation. Skin color or skin tone is another major thing that should be taken into account before purchasing a foundation. Many women make the mistake of buying a foundation that is not suitable for their skin tone and the result can be disastrous. Imagine a darker face and a lighter neck. Picking the wrong foundation shade can result in an unnatural looking skin, that make you look years older than you really are. As foundation is the base for a perfect makeup, it is worth spending a few minutes considering the best option for your skin’s needs. Check out our ideas below and learn how to select the perfect foundation for your skin!

  • Choose your foundation according to the climate
    Before picking a foundation, take into consideration the climate where you live. If you are living in a hot and sunny place, vote for those products that are sweat proof and contain SPF to protect your skin form the sun. If the climate is humid or cold, you can also find waterproof and moisturizing foundations on the market.

  • Decide on what type of coverage would you like to achieve
    Depending on each occasion, you can choose from sheer to heavy coverage. For instance, if you are looking for a foundation for everyday use, opt for a sheer coverage foundation. It is perfect for daytime wear, having a light texture and a natural effect, to even out skin tone. Sheer foundations won’t clog the pores of your skin, and won’t look cakey when wearing it. In contrast to this, there are foundations that offer full coverage. These are more suitable for special occasions and for a heavier coverage at night.

  • Find the color that suits the tone of your skin
    The best way to pick the most appropriate color of foundation is being brave enough to go shopping wearing no foundation on your face. This way you can easily try on different shades to find the perfect color. Keep in mind, that an ideal makeup foundation is identical to the natural tone of your skin. Choose a color that matches the undertones of your skin and test it on your jaw line and cheek. It is very important to test it on your face, because they can look different in the bottle. Blend in the foundation and it should disappear completely into your skin. Try as many foundations as it is needed in order to find the perfect one.

  • Test the chosen foundation on natural light
    Bring a hand mirror and go near the window and always test the foundation at daylight to find the best color match for your skin. If you are having trouble deciding your skin type or you are uncertain about the color chosen, ask a cosmetics representative for advice.

  • In order to have a radiant, flawless skin every day, pay a little attention to picking the most suitable foundation. There are lots of different types of foundations: liquid foundations, powder foundations, mousse foundations, waterproof foundations or mineral foundations and many many others that you can choose from. Following our tips, you can easily find the right product that will guarantee a beautiful finish, giving the impression of a fresh, perfect face.

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