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How to Apply Foundation

Applying foundation can be an easy thing to do especially if the basics are already mastered. Learn how you can apply foundation flawlessly so your skin can look absolutely fabulous every singe second.

Learning how to apply foundation is highly necessary as make-up is indeed a girls best friend. Make-up, if properly applied can help improve physical appearance and emphasize the best facial features attracting attention towards everything right.

Foundation types

It is well known that people have different types of complexions and each skin type is determined by certain characteristics. These characteristics need to be taken in account when choosing a cosmetic product as only the right cosmetics will be able to create the desired look. The formulas which create different foundation types are meant to suit different types of skin from oily to dry skin as their needs are very different.
The consistency and the ingredients used to created the foundations give the differences between them. Depending on the desired result you can opt for:

  • liquid foundation

  • cream foundation

  • powder foundation

  • How to apply foundation

    Applying make-up correctly is all about knowing how and learning different techniques which can help you look like your make-up was done by a professional. To ensure you have a flawless make-up which will only enhance your beauty, try to take in account these following steps before applying your skin foundation:

  • clean your complexion using a mild facial cleanser or a mild exfoliator. The exfoliator will help remove and dead skin which might flake and be emphasized by the foundation

  • pat your complexion dry using a clean towel as being gentle with your skin is absolutely necessary. Wiping your skin might irritate it so patting it dry should be sufficient

  • apply a moisturizer facial cream after washing your face in order to allow your skin to soften and become hydrated. Not using a moisturizer can aid drying skin and a sensation of tightness

  • apply a make-up base on your complexion as this will ensure a better application and setting of the foundation. Using a make-up base can make a lot of difference when it comes to make-up application and resistance

  • apply the foundation according to it's type. You can use foundation brushes, your fingers as well as foundation sponges depending on product and personal preference. Make sure to use the right shade of foundation for your complexion. The foundation is meant to offer you coverage not change your complexion color so choose wisely

  • apply the foundation in a downward direction to ensure a flawless application

  • blend the foundation well so there is no visible transition from your face to your neck, as this might be very unappealing

  • set the foundation using a translucent powder as this will help the foundation receive a mattifying effect as well as higher resistance

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with make-up because once you explore and find out what amazing benefits make-up can bring, you will fall in love with it.

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