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How to Apply Eye Make-up

Learning how to apply eye make-up is essential as make-up can absolutely help transform the look of a person in an instant. Discover and enjoy the benefits of make-up as make-up is and always will be a girls best friend.

Learning how to apply eye make-up can seem a bit difficult at first but with a little bit of practice everything will seem like a piece of cake. Eye make-up is very important as it helps define and enhance the eyes, which are one of the most important facial features.

Basic Eye Make-ups

Eye Make-up Base
Applying an eye make-up base is not absolutely necessary but it is recommended as it is meant to ensure a better application and setting of the eye make-up. Eye make-up base does indeed make a difference as it helps the eyeshadow stick to the eyelid better without making the eyelid look too heavy.

Under Eye Concealer
Meant not only to refresh one's look, under eye make-up will help cover up any dark coloration formed under the eyes due to tiredness, fatigue or any other factors. The coloration of the under eye concealer will fade away the dark circles and give a more refreshed look. Meant to be applied before the foundation, under eye concealer should definitely be a part of your make-up routine.

Eyeliner has been a part of make-up rituals since ancient times when women and men used kohl to define and contour the eyes. Eyeliner can have numerous benefits in make-up as it helps define eye shape, enlarge the eyes or create a minimizing effect over the eyes. To suit all make-up styles and preferences, different types and colors of eyeliner have been created. The basic eyeliner types differentiate themselves through composition and they can come as:

  • eyeliner pencil

  • liquid eyeliner

  • gel eyeliner

  • kohl

  • eyeliner styleeye make-up

    Eyeshadow is one of the most important factors in eye make-up as it is meant to make the eyes stand out through color. The color pallet eye-shadows come in varies widely as different hues of the same color are available to create the most exquisite make-up designs. To create a stunning, bold look one can use different eyeshadow color combinations using shades that complement each other.
    Choose the eyeshadow that you find best for you as they come under different forms like:

  • powdered eyeshadow

  • creamy eyeshadow

  • water resistant creamy eyeshadow

  • Mascara
    Mascara is one of the greatest cosmetics yet invented as it is meant to emphasize the lashes, thus defining the eyes. Different mascara application brushes have been developed to help women obtain different looks from thick to long eyelashes. As the mascara is used to complete the make-up, it comes in a variety of colors from purple to jet black, so your lashes can look fabulous.

    Basic steps of make-up application

    Step one: Concealer

    Apply a small amount of under eye concealer and make sure to cover all the area that is darker under your eyes. It is necessary to apply foundation over the entire face as this way the concealer will not be visible and your dark circle will be well hidden.

    Step two: Eyeshadow base

    Take a bit of the eyeshadow base and rub it on your entire eyelid as it will aid in the application of the eyeshadow. Don't exaggerate with the application as a tiny amount should be sufficient for such a small surface.

    Step three: Eyeliner

    Apply the eyeliner according to your eye shape as this way you will be able to give your eyes the perfect definition. Apply a thin line close to your eyelashes from the inner towards the outer corner of the eyes. Another way you can define the eyes and give them a more dramatic look is by applying a dark colored pencil eyeliner inside your waterline. Dark eyeliner can make the eyes appear smaller and white eyeliner has a brightening effect making the eyes appear bigger.

    Step four: Eyeshadow

    Eyeshadow application can be performed in different ways depending on the desired effect. Use one simple color on your entire eyelid for a simple look or use up to three shades to give your eyes a dramatic make-up style. The lighter color should be applied towards the inner corner and the darker coloration should be applied towards the outer corner of the eye to create more depth.

    Step five: Mascara

    Mascara is a must in eye make-up as it acts as a finish. By brushing the eyelashes quickly using the mascara brush one can avoid clumping and create a very natural appealing look. Apply the mascara starting close to your lid and bring the brush in an upward direction towards the ends on the lashes.

    The more one practices the better the result will be as practice is the solution to perfection. Define your eyes with eye make-up and learn how to apply make-up according to your eye shape so you can look absolutely fabulous.
    (Photos Bobby Brown)

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