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Hot Summer Lip Color Trends

This summer, depending on the result you are looking for, you can be sweet, sexy or glamorous by choosing the appropriate lipstick color. Soft pinks and pearly textures will have a cute result. As for the most intense shades, such as fuchsia, orange or chocolate, these are perfect if you want to get a sexy look. On the other hand, metallics and strong reds are so glamorous.

This summer, beautiful lips are the key element whether you are choosing nude, red, pink or glossy textures. Take a look to some of the hottest summer lipstick colors.

Nude shades

Nude shades work great for a daytime look, but even for a night out, and have the advantage of flattering everyone. The shade depends totally of the natural color of your lips. When buying a nude lipstick, make sure you choose one with 2 tones darker than the natural color of your lips. If you have a fair skin, opt for a nude lipstick with pink a touch, while for a darker skin, a beige or cream-colored will totally flatter you. You can use a lip liner, if you think your makeup is too pale. However, the lip liner shouldn’t be visible.


There is nothing sexier and more elegant than red lips. If you choose a red lipstick, make sure it always looks perfect. This summer, go for reds with an orange or fruity touch. For a maximum effect, apply some foundation on your lips before applying the lipstick. You can use a lip liner too. When applying your lipstick, always start from the center of your lips towards the corners.

Blot in order to remove lipstick excess and then apply some powder over the lipstick to set. If you want, you can apply some more color, but just in the center of the lips. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and natural.


Pinks are ideal as they flatter almost everyone and they are easy to wear. From pastel pink to bright fuchsia, pink is a smart and safe choice. Pink has been associated to a romantic and innocent look. Still, you can wear it if you are a bold person with attitude. When applying pink lipstick, lip liner is not mandatory. Still, if you want to make your lips look fuller, use some lip gloss in the center of your lower lip. Make sure you blot with your lips closed and apply another layer of pink lipstick. This way you keep your lipstick on longer.

Glossy textures

Juicy lips are sexy and can easily be obtained if you use a lip gloss. Moreover, a lip gloss will make your lips look fuller. In case you are using a matte color, if you apply some gloss in the center of your lips, they will look bigger and firmer. Make sure your lips are smooth before applying your gloss. Therefore, exfoliation is very important. Always choose a gloss taking into consideration your skin complexion. If you have darker skin, orange, coral or apricot are for you. If you have fair skin, you should better go for milder tones, such as peach, pale pink or beige.


  • Exfoliation is very important if you want to obtain an even and soft texture. Before applying lipstick, remove dead cells using a toothbrush in order to smooth your lips. Then, moisturize lips with a lip balm.

  • First, make the contour of your lips using a lip liner in the same color of the lipstick. Then, fill the interior with a lipstick. For a professional result, use a special brush.

  • In order to even out the color of your lips and ensure the staying power of your lipstick, you can apply concealer with a brush around the lipstick edges.

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