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Greek Goddess Bridal Make Up

Those who long for a memorable wedding look will have to devote more time to the selection of perfect make up and attire. Indeed what could be more spectacular than sport a Greek goddess bridal make up that would suit all skin tones, face shapes as well as wedding dress styles. Regardless of planning a themed beach or indoors party the point is to look stunning and wear a dapper make up in its texture, tone and overall effect. The following professional guidelines will lead you through the heavenly make up that appeals to the A-list and popular shades of the hot season.

In Greek culture due to its refined qualities has a great influence both on fashion as well as make up trends. In order to find the perfect bridal make up it is also important to know your options. The various trends would offer you the chance to create a unique impression. The Greek Goddess bridal make up managed to become one of the most spectacular styles due to its face-brightening and glamorous effect. The shades and textures used will suit every skin tone as well as face shape when applied in the right manner. Following some of the basic guidelines is the secret to achieve standing ovation with our wedding appearance. The beautiful dress will shine and radiate with a similar accessory as well as a stunning bridal hair style. In order to bring out the best of your features and charisma make sure you skim through the following tips.


  • Prepare your face for the various phases of make up. A beautiful skin is a must have when it comes of covering all the essential steps of your bridal beauty ritual. In order to have a dazzling complexion make sure you include exfoliation and then conditioning as the most important elements. Use the various skin products for your skin type and make sure you start the preparation in time in order to have the necessary minutes to complete the different tasks.

  • Make Up Base

  • If you struggle with skin problems as acne or acne scars it is highly recommended to choose your make up base with great care. Foundation and concealer are some of the top notch elements of this group of products. Therefore choose a concealer that would be able to cover the red spots as well as the eventual dark circles under your eyes and any other sign of a worn-out skin. Then proceed to foundation, opt for a color that is at most 1 shade lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. This is in fact the secret to create a natural and summer make up. Crown the make up base phase with a translucent facial powder. This will even out your skin tone and would serve as the perfect base for the rest of your bridal make up.

  • Eye Make Up

  • Gold is the buzzword when it comes of Greek Goddesses. Indeed the signature tone would accentuate the spotless complexion as well as the different skin tone. Those who were blessed with fair or on the contrary olive or black complexion shade will have the chance to enjoy the marvelous effect of the endless shades of gold and metallic tones. Start at the eyelids and apply a lighter or more vibrating tone of gold to your skin. Mix-matching is one of the wise tricks when building the proper effect of the make up. Therefore you can use a darker and shimmery brown tone to the crease of your eyes. This will further boost the effect of your eyes and has the powder to open it and make them more alluring. Use the proper make up brush to complete this phase and blend the two tones into a tie-dye style subtle golden make up ensemble.

  • For a more vibrating appearance use the same tone of gold to highlight the upper as well as the outer corner of the lower lash line. This will further increase the eye-pleasing effect of the make up. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and head towards the outer sections. Make sure you don't go over the brow bone and keep your make up neat and polished. Additionally it is also useful to have a golden eyeliner at hand or a simple classy black one. Use them to add a tint to your outer corners of your eyes, go with the line right till the end of the lashline or make a winged style if you would like to try out an additional trend of the season.

  • Mascara is the final detail of the eye make up that would perfectly suit the vision-pleasing effect of your glimpse. Black as well as profound brown mascara would do perfectly to accentuate your long and mesmerizing lashes. Appeal to false eyelashes if you are keen to offer an aid to your shorter and less impressive lashes. Make sure you keep your look natural and avoid any blunders.

  • Lips

  • Gold will also do miracles with your kissable lips. The natural and romantic look can be completed with matte and candy-colored lips rather than bright tones. A golden lipstick shade will add volume and definition to this spot and top the effect with gold lipgloss for a juicy and summer vibe. This tiny tips will help you pull off the most spectacular Greek Goddess bridal make up.

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