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Flawless Makeup Tips

Without a doubt enhancing our makeup skills is an action that can pay off quickly both in the short an long term. However, if we truly want to get the best results we must learn how to create a flawless looking makeup that will not only enhance our best features but will also help us hide some of the flaws that make us feel self conscious. Increase your knowledge about makeup with a few pro tips to boost your self confidence in minutes.

When done properly makeup can have the power of a micro plastic surgery when it comes to camouflaging the things that stand in our way when it comes to embracing our natural beauty as well as creating balance and adequate proportions. There are a lot of things that can be seen as imperfections simply because they alter the balance of the face in a negative way without actually being an imperfection. Fortunately there are plenty solutions both when it comes to visually equilibrating some features as well as for hiding blemishes or other things that might decrease our self confidence when it comes to our appearance. Here are a few tips you might find useful:

Minimize forehead
Having a large forehead can be quite frustrating especially if you don't like adding bangs to be able to minimize it. Fortunately the right makeup tricks can come in handy, helping you deal with this often unpleasant problem. Using a matte bronzer and a big powder brush to create a shadow effect that will help create the impression of a smaller, less wide forehead.

Apply it using circular motions and make sure to blend well. Using a slightly darker hue of foundation on the area compared to the one that you normally use can also have a similar effect. However avoid choosing one that is more than 1-2 tones darker than the foundation you normally use or the makeup will seem like a mask.

Sculpt cheekbones
Emphasizing a beautiful cheekbone structure is a great idea as long as you make sure that your cheekbones don't make your face wider. If you feel they do, one solution is to lift the cheekbones with an easy makeup trick. Try applying a neutral shimmer on the brow line because in this way the cheekbones will be visually lifted and will appear slimmer. To maximize this effect avoid adding strong colors on the sides of the face as it will usually make the face look wider.

Make nose look smaller
Many women tend to be unsatisfied with the way their nose looks like and many times they even thing about getting a nose job. However for those who don't want to take such radical measures some makeup tips might come in handy. Applying highlighter on the center of the bridge of the nose is a sure way to make the nose look smaller due to the contrast formed between the two shades. Because the nostrils will have a slightly different color, a darker one a slimming effect will be created.

Correct eye distance
Some women complain that their eyes are set too close while others have the opposite problem and are in need for tips on how to make the distance more harmonious.
For close set eyes the trick is a relatively simple one as it only refers to the eyeshadow colors you should use. Professional make up artists recommend using iridescent eye shadow in light colors. Also to avoid accentuating roundness, eyeliners should be applied only at the middle.

For wide set eyes, you should must be careful about how you apply eye makeup. You should apply dark colored eye shadow in the inner corner and to make sure that you line the upper and lower eyelids starting from the inner corners and moving to the outer corner. If the eyeshadow seems too dark you can blur it with a clean brush or by applying a little eye cream over the eyeshadow.

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