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Face Slimming Makeup Tips

Some might not be completely satisfied with their look, therefore they appeal to plastic surgery and other radical methods to save their appearance. However if they knew that makeup can be just as efficient remedy to correct the disproportions our face they would think about rushing with their decision. Indeed the basic face slimming makeup tips aim to help you in juggling with the size and prominence of facial features and master the art of this magical remedy that would make you look and feel confident on the spot. Read through and practice some of the ageless face sculpting makeup tricks presented below.

Face Slimming Makeup Tips

Following some of the most prominent tips to create the best makeup is more easier than we would think. Those who are rookies in this art will be thrilled to learn that makeup is perfect both to even out our skin tone, camouflage skin problems and at the same time balance out the eventual disproportions of the face. From the makeup base to additional details all will contribute to the final and fabulous outcome of your appearance. Professionals aim to talk you out of surgery and other radical techniques that could leave you with irreversible changes in your organism and on your complexion. Instead it's time to use your creativity and test your skills. In order to flaunt your perfect and well-proportioned face learn the basic face slimming makeup tips without any effort. Experiment with various shade combos as well as application techniques for the desired effect. Take into account the principles below and learn how to enrich your knowledge of corrective makeup.


  • This principle in fact is valid for all makeup styles. Therefore make sure you learn how to apply foundation with great care and mastery. Before appealing to the makeup base it is also important to make sure you complexion is clean and smooth in order to be the perfect canvas for the application of various makeup products.

  • Foundations in their smooth and fine texture can be applied to our complexion if these match our skin tone and are with at most 1 shade lighter or darker than our natural skin tone. Eliminate the traces of oil from your pores as this can sabotage the long-lasting effect of your makeup. Moreover the oil can also prevent the foundation from staying on therefore you might be faced with melting and smudging.

  • Eye Makeup

  • One of the most helpful and ingenious tricks in order to slim our face is to play with the effect of the eyes. Those who were blessed with a natural talent to emphasize their glimpse will be thrilled to find out that this is the most efficient method also of pro makeup artists to even out the disproportions of the face.

  • However beginners can also learn how to bring out the best of their eyes with a few tricks. Choosing the best eye shadow and crowning the eye makeup with mascara is the ultimate recipes to look gorgeous. The eyebrows also play a special role in your makeup, therefore make sure these are trimmed to perfection and corrected where it is necessary. As a frame to your face these would offer you the chance to attract immediate attention.

  • Shifting the attention from the cheeks and overall face to our glimpse is a wise idea as it can be more easily done with the help of various makeup tools and products. Choose a cat eye, smokey or dove eye makeup as well as the perfect eyeliner to highlight the alluring shape of your eyes. Choose tones that complement your natural eye color and bring out their feminine and enchanting effect. The marvelous eyelashes as well as the use of the perfect mascara would top your eye makeup and bring you the standing ovation.

  • Cheekbones

  • The cheekbones are often considered delicate spots as in most of the cases these might also add some inches to the wideness of the face. However neglecting them would be an even larger problem. Instead devote the same attention to this area as you do to your eyes.

  • Facial sculpting with makeup can be best done with the definition of cheekbones. Therefore make sure you use various shades of blush to achieve your goal. The first step is to choose the right tones, these an be grouped in the rosy tones as well as peachy shades.

  • Choose the ones that best suit your skin tone then apply the most profound shade right under the cheekbone. The next step is cover this fine line with the medium tone, this would offer you a natural and slimming effect. The sole shade created with the blending of the two is finally covered with the lightest shade of blush that would crown the overall outcome of the cheekbone makeup.

  • Lips

  • We shouldn't neglect the lips either as our ultimate sex-appeal. In order to further enhance the face sculpting process make sure you also emphasize your lips. These should be turned into kissable and fuller lips with the help of lipstick or any other type of lip makeup. Lip gloss would do just fine as well as the lighter lipstick tones as these would have a natural plumping effect on your lips. Choose the best tones that would suit your skin tone as well as the shape of your lips.

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