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Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

The secret to polish our look is undoubtedly to learn more about the best eye makeup for blue eyes. Those who were blessed with this enchanting tone will have to consider choosing all the flattering shades when it comes of both eye shadows as well as mascara. Expanding your makeup knowledge will prove to be the best idea to accentuate your assets. Devote special attention to synchronizing the various effects and shades to create a mesmerizing effect.

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

The perfect makeup is built up gradually from different phases. Starting from the base which has to complement the natural skin tone and crowned by the emphasizing of the cheeks and lips. However no wonder that the eyes are regarded a window to our soul, since this is the very spot that is most exposed to the public. Therefore we should not consider it only an itsy-bitsy detail. Instead find out how to enhance your natural eye color with the right beauty makeup tricks. From the application of eyeshadow to the preceding selection process of the shades and makeup tools all will play a crucial role in the overall effect.


These makeup products were specially created for those who are eager to accentuate their prominent features and in this case the blue eye shade. Rookies in this art, will have to learn that the effect of the eyeliner will depend both on the process of application as well as the selected color. Consequently it is highly recommended to rely on the most suitable shades to pair with blue eyes. These would be dark gray as well as brown and charcoal. These tones will perfectly bring out the profoundness of your eyes and would put them into the spotlight. In the case of dramatic eye makeup that is characterized by the use of radiating eye shadow make sure you stick to black eyeliner which will have a similarly dazzling effect.

Eye Shadow

In most of the cases professionals advise you to pair the shade of the eye shadow with that of the eyeliner. This is the pledge for a natural and flattering look. However blue is a universal shade and can be also matched with contrastive tones to create a stage makeup style. Instead of taking too many risks, find out which are the most common shades that complement blue eyes in a fabulous chromatic ensemble.

  • Ideal Shades: Pair your eyes with a remarkable and all time winner smokey eye effect, since this is one of the top makeup ideas that lead the 'most wanted' repertoire when it comes both of formal and informal events. Professional claim that this style is the one that flatters all face shapes and can create the impression of a perfectly proportioned face.From the endless color palette it is advisable to pick some of the cold colors as: silver, icy pink as well as violet. These would perfectly match blue eyes and would create the desired effect.

  • Those who have fair skin will be thrilled to experiment with a similar project to accentuate and boost the look of their eyes. Make sure you apply the makeup properly in order to blend it into the perfect and complex composition of the whole look. Moreover you can also opt for taupe, lavender, fuchsia and also gray which are also included in the category of 'must have' tones.

  • Forbidden Tones: Besides finding out the most favorable tones it is also advisable to look through the less flattering shades that should be left out of your makeup kit. In this case blue hues are included into the 'no-go' category since these would only suppress the effect of your deep blue eyes. Take into account this tip especially if you flirted with the idea of placing the chief emphasis on your eyes. However if you still stick to your favorite bluish tones try the darker shades paired with life-saving black eyeliners.

  • Mascara

    One of the golden rules of makeup is indeed to pair the right eye shadow tone with your mascara. Consequently use classy black mascara with the smokey eye effect as well as cat eyes, whereas the brown one in the case of an eye makeup that appeals to the matte and brownish shades. Make sure you complete makeup is in harmony, devote the same attention to both your lashes as well as eyelids for a breath-taking look.

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