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Determine Your Face Shape

One of the basic steps to choosing a hair and also a makeup style is to determine your face shape. Some would rely om their intuition when opting for shades and designs, however specialists claim that these modern arts are just as complex as fashion and possesses some well-defined rules and guiding principles that enhance the success of our selection. Those who are keen to decide in which category they belong to and implicitly what are the main styles and qualities that complement their look have the chance to skim through the characteristics of the four basic face shapes.

Types of Face Shapes

Our face shape can have a crucial importance when we decide to choose the best makeup products and tones. Moreover it can also influence your hair style selection as well as basic outfits. Our facial features though unique in their own can still be categorized according to various principles. Therefore it is important to know which group do we belong to when it comes of the lines of the face as well as various angles and shapes. Specialists defined four types of face shapes in order to group people with different facial traits. The main goal of the professionals was to simplify the art of makeup as well as the selection of ideal colors and designs. Those who are keen to explore the realm of measurements and facial analysis will be thrilled to look through the various types of face shapes and their signature characteristics.

Square Face Shape

  • The square face shape is often wider than longer and had well-defined angles and lines. Those who were blessed with a square face shape will often long for curves and refined forms.

  • In order to choose the most flattering makeup and hairstyle it is also important to take into account the measurements and analyze whether the two data are almost identical.

  • With the help of various makeup and hair styling tools people with similar facial features will be able to bring out the best of their look. Play with shadows and shades to create the desired effect.

  • Round Face Shape

  • People who have round face resembles the square one in the fact that the results of measurements are also very close still the jawline is softer and smooth. In fine lines of the face often scream for definition.

  • Therefore makeup artists often use some artful tricks to sharpen the angles. Various hair styles also complement our look if they adapt to the prominent features. You'll know that you belong to this category if you have a round chin and full cheeks.

  • Oval Face Shape

  • One of the most common face shapes, oval is characterized by prominent length rather than width. Resembling the structure of an egg the chin to hairline number will prove to be at least 1 ½ times longer than the ear-to-ear measurement.

  • Moreover as we head downwards the face gradually narrows still not as much as in the case of heart shape. Oval face shape is considered one of the most ideal traits since it matches all makeup and hair styles. From moderate to eye-popping all will perfectly polish the look of these people

  • Heart Face Shape

  • This face shape type possesses some signature qualities. In this case the cheeks as well as the forehead tend to be visibly wider than the chin. Furthermore heading towards the chin the jawlines narrows down and becomes pointy.

  • Those who are able to draw a real heart on the mirror when analyzing their face will be able to include themselves in the group of heart face shaped individuals. Makeup will offer the chance to balance the disproportions of the facial sections with special tones and tricks.

  • Analyze Face Shape

  • All you have to do is to take a mirror and pay special attention to pictures that reflect the various qualities and would lead you through the fulfilling your objectives. Whether you want to rely on your eyes or would also need some measurements the point is to be precise and aware of all the important instructions and steps.

  • First and foremost make sure you eliminated all traces of makeup from your face.It is a fact that various products as concealers, powder and even lipstick are able to juggle with your facial proportions and create the desired look. Therefore stick to reality and your bare face. Keep strands away from your face to be able to see the real shape of the head, jaws and other sections.

  • Do two simple measurements, with the measuring tape you've prepared earlier. Measure the width of your face, by keeping the tape straight and starting from the hairlines right across the cheekbones. Put down the data and proceed to the next step of measuring the length of your face. Begin the measurements from the upper hairline down to the tip of your chin. Again write down the numbers. Now determine your face shape with the help of these two rituals.

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