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Create Luscious Lips With Make-up

Women have been turning to lip enhancers since ancient times when women used different interesting mixtures to color their lips. Nowadays creating luscious lips is a very easy task due to the variety of products and techniques developed. Find out how you can create luscious lips with make-up.

Learning how to create luscious lips with make-up can only come to your advantage as lips have always been considered one of the most attractive part of a woman's body. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson, Megan Fox have become worldwide known for their luscious full lips.
Make-up offers women the chance to make their lips appear fuller and more appealing without turning to plastic surgery. This way one can avoid any complications which can be caused by lip augmentation like the “trout pout”.

Basic lip care
Before applying any cosmetic products to enhance the lips it is necessary to maintain the lips in good condition. Dry, chapped lips are not attractive and can feel quite unpleasant during kissing and not only so paying attention to lip care is a must.
To ensure your lips will have a flawless look you need to keep these beauty tips in mind:

  • apply a lip balm every time your lips start to feel like they are drying

  • apply a lip balm with SPF protection if you are exposing yourself to the sun as your lips can suffer damage from the sun as well as your skin

  • remove any flakes off your lips using a gentle exfoliator made out of a mixture of honey and sugar granules

  • do not bite your lips as you might cause damage and hurt your lips

  • drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration

  • How to create luscious lips
    Full lips have always managed to attract plenty of attention due to their full, luscious aspect, this is why women have always tried to make their lips appear bigger through make-up or cosmetic surgery. As an alternative to cosmetic surgery women can use make-up to enhance their lips. Make-up can create illusions, this is why make-up is so magical.
    To create luscious lips you need the following utensils:

  • lip pencil

  • lipstick brush

  • lipstick

  • shimmery lip gloss

  • To create fuller lips trace the contour of your lips using the lip liner in the same color as your lipstick will be and line just outside your lip line. This will give your lips an increased surface without the effect being obvious. Apply the lipstick using a lipstick brush until your reach the traced contour. The lipstick brush will help give you a more accurate application of the lip color. Apply a little bit of shimmery lip gloss in the center of your lower and upper lip as this will help with the desired plumping effect. There are certain lip gloss which contain ingredients which help give a natural plumping effect to the lips so you can use this kind of lip glosses on bare lips if you wish.

    Choosing the right lip color
    Choosing the right lip color is very important as it should complement your complexion. Choosing colors that don't suit you might help create an unpleasant look, and aged look which no one wishes to obtain. This would be one of the reasons why so many shades of lipstick are available. Use the testers to find out if the lipstick you desire complements your complexion and enhances your lips.
    The most popular shades of the moment are:

  • Red shades as this helps bring out the lips and matches most skin tones. There are a variety of red lipstick shades available to suit everyone. Vintage make-up styles look absolutely fabulous with red lips.

  • Pink shades are very feminine especially due to the wide variety of shades available from soft to bright, neon pink. Pink lipstick is not for everyone so choose wisely whenever this type of shade takes part in your make-up.

  • Nude shades will always be popular as nude lips that have a natural look are very sensual. The innocent look created by these shades match all complexions so choosing a lip color in a nude shade should be an easy task.

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