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Beauty Products Shelf Life

At one point or another each beauty product begins to lose some of its abilities. Not knowing when to toss a beauty product can put you at risk of developing some serious skin infections or nasty breakouts along the way. Learn how to recognize the signs of a product that's about to expire and keep in mind some easy tips to avoid causing products to expire faster than they should.

The importance of knowing the shelf life of the beauty products we use has been stressed numerous times by beauty experts. After a certain time passes products not only become less effective but they also begin to become unsafe to use.

Reactions such as allergic dermatitis, acne breakouts as well as skin irritations are just some of the unpleasant side effects that can occur if you ignore some of the warning signs of products that are about to expire. Not sure what to look for ? Here are a few signs that you might notice:

  • Color changes in makeup

  • Changes when it comes to fragrance

  • Racid odor

  • Separation in different parts- common for nail polishes

  • Other noticeable texture changes

  • Aside from these types of changes that can be considered somewhat general, you should know that liquid beauty products have a shorter lifespan than other types of beauty products. The reason tends to be quite simple: moisture can be a much more prolific breeding ground for germs and bacteria compared to drier environments or surfaces. Consequently if you want products with a longer life span the best idea would be to avoid selecting liquid based products.

    However you should also be aware of the fact that the surfaces that come in contact with air more often can also cause unpleasant reactions if you don't remove the top layer from time to time. Usually this superficial layer has the most concentration of germs and bacteria so removing it at least from time to time is a good practice to avoid further problems.

    You might know that products that have natural ingredients have a shorter lifespan than their conventional counterparts. However, there might be something you might not have thought of: since many products nowadays are advertised as containing less preservatives they also have a shorter lifespan so regular guides might not apply.
    Also, products that have higher percentages of alcohol typically have a a longer lifespan.

    Since it can be quite challenging to remember the date when you began using certain product it might be useful to keep some kind of beauty journal to be able to get more accurate data. To get a general idea when it comes to how long you should keep your products you should know that beauty specialists recommend replacing skin care products every six months, keeping liquid makeup for 4 to 9 months, nail polish for 1 to 2 years, fragrances and powder foundation for about two years, while pencil liners can last 3+ years.
    Also pencil liners should be sharpened after each use to avoid eye infections or cold sores in the case of lip liners.

    Another important aspect that influences the overall lifespan is the storage place. Although keeping beauty products in the bathroom or in your car is unquestionably convenient, these are some of the worst places to keep products. The excessive moisture from, bathrooms are the perfect for germs and bacteria to settle and you might transfer them to your body by simply touching the product.

    On the other hand, keeping your products in direct heat which is the case when you keep products in your car will deteriorate some of the active ingredients contained in them, making them less effective. Just like in the case of medicine, the best storage place is dry and relatively cold place.

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