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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has been developed for decades and it has now made a huge comeback due to the development of new high definition cameras which capture even the tiniest imperfections. Find out how you can benefit from this amazing makeup technique.

The evolution of the cosmetic industry has brought makeup to another level under the form of airbrush makeup. Having a flawless appearance is very important nowadays especially for women who are constantly in the center of attention. The development of new high definition cameras allowed even the smallest imperfection on the skin, thus the development of a new and better makeup style was a must.

How does airbrush make-up work

Airbrush makeup, just like it's name suggests is applied by airbrushing makeup on the surface of the skin. The process is similar to airbrushed tan and uses a small painting gun which pulverizes the makeup using low pressure. This allows the makeup to cover the skin perfectly, creating a smooth and uniform surface.
The makeup which is to be pulverized on the skins surface has a very thin form and a paint like consistency. It contains pigments, resins, solvents and additives, in order to ensure a perfect setting and application on the skin. The pigments used to create the airbrushing makeup give the intensity of the makeup. The darker the pigments the darker the finished result.
Just like with regular makeup, one should avoid a visible transition from the airbrushed area to the bare skin. This can be easily done if the makeup artist applying the airbrush makeup is skilled and has enough experience.
Airbrush makeup is a technique used by celebrities, actors as well as television personalities as their complexion is much more visible due to HDTV's high quality imaging. The airbrush makeup leaves a smooth uniform flawless appearance opposite to regular makeup which will show streaks as it is applied with different makeup utensils which touch the skin to apply the makeup.

How to apply airbrush makeup

Applying airbrush makeup can be difficult for a beginners this is why usually makeup artists use this type of technique. You can get an airbrush makeup at a professional makeup salon.
Before applying the airbrush makeup it is necessary to have a freshly clean complexion. This will ensure the sebum is removed from the skins surface and all the impurities from the skin will be removed to avoid certain skin problems caused by clogged pores. Hydrating the skin after cleansing is necessary and should be a part of your daily beauty ritual in order to avoid skin dehydration and flaking. The makeup can now be applied using the airbrushing tool. The pigment is introduced into the airbrushing gun and using low pressure the gun will pulverize the makeup on the surface of the skin. Having a steady hand and a little bit of skill is necessary to ensure the makeup is applied uniformly. To avoid inhalation, covering the nasal cavities, mouth and shutting the eyes closed is necessary. Inhaling the makeup solution is not recommended as it might cause irritations of the airways and allergic reactions. The solvent contained by the makeup solution will evaporate and help set the makeup. Film formers can be added to ensure a prolonged setting of the airbrushed makeup.
This technique helps ensure a flawless makeup application so more and more people are turning towards airbrush makeup. Try it yourself and you will probably be addicted to the gorgeous look you obtained.
For women who love doing their own makeup, home kits can be purchased in order to be able to look stunning every second.

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