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70s Makeup Tips

’70s makeup means no constraints whatsoever when it comes to fashion trends. Then, more then ever, expressing your own personality and makeup style was the real trend, which reflected the new attitude consisting mainly in self-acceptance. One thing was essential, and that was glam, proving that women were easily adopting the fascinating glowing look. Moreover, skin care plays a major role in the makeup process. Following the hippie trend, the return to nature is highly reflected in a nude, yet discrete, glowing makeup.

The biggest advantage of the ‘70s makeup is that it can easily be done and maintained. As the main purpose is to enhance natural beauty of the face, clean and radiant skin is a total must. Now, more than ever, the health of the skin becomes a major concern for women. Therefore, they invest time in applying moisturizing creams, masks and different lotions made from natural ingredients. The most important items describing the ‘70s makeup were the big, false eyelashes, bold eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. Moreover, the heavy lip-gloss coat was a must-have those days.

Foundation is an important step in the entire makeup process. However, for a ‘70s makeup, foundation is used only on skin with problems or when you want to obtain a slightly bronzed skin. Textures used are transparent and moisturizing, or with a gentle touch of self-tanning, offering a healthy, luminous and glowing aspect to your skin. Also, use concealers only to cover blemishes or other skin issues.

Powder will be use very rarely and only in the highlighting variant. As for the blush, go for a water-based texture that easily enters the skin in order to add a natural aspect to your skin complexion. Remember to always choose a color that goes with the one of your skin so you avoid the mask effect and maintain the natural look.

Applying blush can sometimes be a real challenge. The right way to do it is to smile and apply the blush on the cheekbones and below in order to redefine the idea of a perfect, healthy skin. Try no to blend too much and go for warmer shades of brown, apricot or peach.

Eye makeup is really important and it varies between a natural, feminine one to a bolder, stronger one. Therefore, if you want to accentuate your eyes, apply a black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and use strong eyeshadow colors, such as turquoise or emerald green. Mascara is a must! In order to add depth, you can use false eyelashes.

On the other hand, if you want a more natural look, the black mascara and eyeliner, specific to the ‘60s, are now being replaced by nacreous or glittery eyeshadow in nude or pastel shades, such as blue, cream, light pink, silver, and gold. Eyeliner is used only when needed and in neutral or pale shades. Mascara is used only for elongating the eyelashes and therefore applied mostly for evening events in natural shades of brown and coffee-colored.

In an era when the eyes were drawing all the attention due to their makeup, the colors on the lips are hardly noticed, rather transparent. However, the same glowing aspect, specific to those years, will be used for lips too. Avoid using lip liner. Go for a lip gloss or a frosted lipstick in nude shades, such as pale pink or peach. For a '70s look, you can also use the natural lip color before applying the lip gloss. If you want to create the illusion of fuller lips, apply a lighter lipstick shade on the lower lip. A lip gloss has the same effect.

A perfect makeup should be "accessorized" by a perfect hairstyle. It is advisable to leave your hair free. Using hot rollers make beautiful, gentle waves that you can later define with some wax for shiny hair. Set the parting on one side. You can refresh your hairstyle with a headband.

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