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2010 Summer Makeup Ideas

Take a peek at the following makeup trends suitable for this summer season so you can look absolutely amazing. The new makeup styles are remarkable and worth trying to see if they suit your style.

Adapting you makeup to the new makeup trends and season is a must if you wish to have a look worthy of admiration. Makeup trends tend to change every season to suit the fashion trends of the moment as there is an important link between these two aspects.

The 2010 summer makeup ideas are meant to offer women some suggestions regarding the new trends in makeup, trends which are based on enhancing natural beauty. The simplicity and beauty of these makeup styles are undoubtedly suitable for the summer season as the hot season doesn't allow women to sport a heavy looking makeup. Heat causes sweat and sweat will ruin your gorgeous makeup, this is why light is the way to go.

What cosmetic products you need for the summer:

  • facial cleanser
  • moisturizer
  • foundation
  • translucent powder
  • blush
  • lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara

  • You can select these cosmetic products based on your skin type, skin tone and preferences as there are a variety of brands available on the market to choose from, some being more expensive or effective that others.

    Makeup Ideas

    Natural Sublime Makeup
    Subtle tanned skin is yet again popular and the healthy skin enhanced subtly with makeup creates a gorgeous look which will make women stand out without too much effort. The skins natural and subtle, healthy tan is enhanced using an illuminating foundation. The yes are subtly enhances using a dark colored eyeliner and the eyelashes are coated with one coat of mascara. To complete the look a gorgeous tan or rose blush is applied on the cheekbones and a nude lip gloss is applied on the lips.

    Gucci 2010Stella McCartney 2010

    Vintage Aura Makeup
    The vintage look has yet again made a huge comeback as vintage stiles have been the main muse of fashion designers this year. It seems that a natural, flawless kin look topped by red luscious lips is breathtaking and highly popular this summer. Apply a thin coat of foundation to cover any imperfections of the skin, subtly define the cheekbones, apply mascara on your eyelashes and coat your lips with a luscious red colored lipstick. Refined, elegant and sexy are the main characteristics of this lovely vintage style makeup.

    Giambattista Valli 2010Christian Dior 2010

    Pastel Colored Makeup
    Pastels are perfect colors for summer as they match the warm season perfectly. It seems that gorgeous multicolored eyelids, nude or colored lips, a flawless complexion and defined cheekbones appeals to most women, this is why this type of makeup will be quite hot this summer. Gorgeous and perfect for any skin tones, pastel makeup will succeed in enhancing your natural beauty.
    Photos via style.com

    Derek Lam 2010Derek Lam

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