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2010 Red Lipstick Trend

Red lipstick is a timeless staple in makeup fashion. It is one of those essential items that are a must in every woman’s makeup bag. If you dare to be bold, the 2010 red lipstick trend will definitely enchant you with its fabulous red shades that transform you into a glamorous, sexy diva

Red lipsticks are a recurring trend in cosmetics that simply never go out of fashion. Red color is sensual and hot, still elegant and classy. Many women find it intimidating to wear this seductive, bold color that immediately attracts attention and makes a statement. However, if the lipstick is chosen properly and worn correctly, red, kissable lips can flatter any outfit and complete any occasion. Red lipstick is definitely a favorite color of vintage beauty idols and modern fashionsitas.

It is simple and traditional, at the same time classy and glamorous and many celebrities are spotted this season wearing sexy, red lipsticks. This amazing look has been in vogue for decades and it has always been associated with feminine seduction. Perhaps this is the reason why it perpetually shows up in the latest trends.

When you are wearing a bold red lipstick the only trick is to find the right shade that matches your skin tone and hair color and your personality as well. Gorgeous red lipstick is widely popular because it is sophisticated and chic, giving an extra confidence to its wearer.

Red lipstick makeup trends favor simple eye makeup. If your lips are edgy and accentuate, go for a softer, smokier eye makeup. If you go bold with both eye and lip makeup, you will create a confusion as each of them will rival to get emphasis. A wonderful thing about red lipstick is that it matches exquisitely with fair skin tone and darker skin complexion as well.

If you are a devoted lipstick lover, you will definitely looking forward to this season’s bold lip trend. There are dozens of variations and reinterpretations of crimson hues, coming in lighter tones or classic deep colors so that you will surely enjoy the versatility these shades will bring into your life.

One of the secret weapons of women, apart from the super classy little black dress, is without a doubt the fabulous red lipstick. Don’t be afraid to try out a daring new makeup and highlight your beautiful features. Add extra feminine accent to your style and get ready to turn some head at the evening party. If you are ready to experiment with red lips, here are a few ingenious tips that you need to pay attention to.

How to Pick the Perfect Red Lipstick

How to Pick the Perfect Red Lipstick
  • The first major thing is to shop for the right lipstick color that suits your face. If you think that red is not your tone then probably you have chosen the wrong shade of red. Dark skinned women should opt for deep red or burgundy lipstick colors, which work absolutely amazing with their features. If you have a light complexion, true red is for you. Women with fair skin tone should shop for reds that have a touch of pink or orange hue to them.

  • The second and most important rule of a diva-like red lips makeup is to keep the rest of your face simple and less accentuate with light, shimmery eyes. Apply black eyeliner in a thin line, as close to your lash line as possible and define your lashes with volumizing black mascara. Add a gentle glow to your cheeks with a blush in a natural tone and you are ready to shine.

  • If your lips are too small or too thin, red lips are not the nest choice for you. Dark, bold lipsticks do nothing else but optically make your lips look even smaller than they really are.

  • Choose a long-lasting formula so you won’t have to worry that your lipstick will get smudged and you can wear your wonderful red lips with confidence and style.

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